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Terms & Conditions    2023

  • MPRC understands that your data may be valuable to you. Data loss during service is always a possibility, and in some cases, data may be unrecoverable, erased, or reformatted during service. For this reason, it is your sole responsibility to back up all existing data, software, and/or programs from your product, and to decide whether to erase any such data from your product, prior to receiving service. MPRC is not responsible for loss, recovery, or compromise of data, software or programs, or loss of use of your product or other equipment arising out of the services provided by MPRC. You represent that your product does not contain any illegal files or data.


  • If service requires labour and/or parts not previously specified, MPRC may seek your approval of a revised estimate. If you do not agree that MPRC may revise the charges, MPRC may return your product and hold you responsible for any indicated diagnostic fee.


  • You must claim your product and pay all charges due within thirty (30) days after being notified by MPRC that your product has been serviced. If you do not, MPRC may notify you that it considers your product abandoned and that, if you do not collect it and pay any outstanding charges within a further three (3) months, MPRC will dispose of it in accordance with applicable law.


  • If service involves transferring information or installing software, you represent that you have the legal right to copy the information and agree to the terms of the software license, and you authorise MPRC to transfer the information and accept such terms on your behalf in performing the service.


  • MPRC provides a twelve (12) months parts warranty on all general repairs.  Computer health checks, Board level repairs and Device sales are covered for three (3) months.  This warranty covers parts fitted and their functionality only. Additional faults found during or after service will be liable to additional costs. Faults resulting from misuse or accidental damage are NOT covered under our warranty and additional charges would be applied.


  • After MPRC services your device, your parts warranty will be void if taken to any other repairer for service and/or diagnostic. MPRC Parts warranty covers only the parts fitted and none other. If additional issues arise after service and not related, MPRC may charge additional fees to cover the service.


  • As part of service, MPRC may install system software updates that will prevent your product from reverting to an earlier version of the system software. Third party applications installed on your product may not be compatible or work with your product as a result of the system software update. If the product was to fail during this process for a hardware / software defect issue MPRC will not be liable for any loss of data or use of the product.


  • MPRC accept Cash, Card via Paypal Here and BACS for payment. If a refund is required, your refund will be processed using the original method taken. Card payments can take up to 5 working days to refund to your registered Card account.


  • Timescales given to you via verbal or written communication are estimates and not promises. MPRC always aim to service your product within a reasonable timescale. You acknowledge that your device may be transferred to our repair HUB for more detailed diagnostics / service. For this reason, your service timescale could be affected.


  • Unless stated prior MPRC does not claim that any of the parts used during the service of your product are genuine manufacturer parts.


  • Providing your passcode to MPRC is optional, however this enables us to pre and post check your product allowing MPRC to fully diagnose, quote and service. If you choose not to divulge your passcode that is your right and MPRC will be unable to offer its parts warranty on your product.


  • It is your responsibility to advise MPRC staff of any prior work to your device if known, failure to do so may increase service timescales and / or increase original quoted price.


  • MPRC DO NOT service liquid damage products, MPRC only offer data extraction to external media. The product will not be fully functional after data extraction and is VOID of any warranty claim. The amount of data retrievable is solely dependent on availability within the product itself.


  • MPRC reserve the right to IMEI/Serial Number check ANY product in for service. If found to be stolen/blacklisted MPRC will check the IMEI against the police device listing and hand over your product and details to them.


  • Please be advised your product will no longer be water resistant after ANY service, MPRC does NOT offer a water sealing process.


  • MPRC are committed to ensuring the security and privacy of your information. A copy of our privacy notice is available upon request. If you wish to have any personal information that we store removed please contact our data protection officer via email : info@wefixanyfone.com If you do not wish for us to store your information, failure to produce a valid warranty receipt will void any warranty held.